Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Next Crowd Karaoke in Montreal - June 7th, 2011!

1. COME ready to sing your hearts out!
2. CHOOSE a song to add to the playlist!
3. SING together on the dancefloor while the lyrics are projected in front of you and the music swells in the background!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 from 8 PM - midnight.
Le Cagibi (the backroom)
5490 boulevard Saint-Laurent (corner St-Viateur)

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People don’t sing together anymore. Well, except if you’re in a band, or a church choir. And who even goes to church anymore? It’s a rare thing, to sing with others. Sometimes people will sing together if they’re at a show and a bunch of people know the words. But then, some people just want to hear the band, and not the person beside them. People don’t even sing together at karaoke! There, one person sings at a time, and if people sing together, it’s by accident.

Crowd Karaoke was created so that people can sing together unabashed, and dance while they do so. We don't know if the people attending will be good singers, but what we do know for SURE is that singing with other people is incredible fun. A funny thing happens: you feel like you’re all working toward something together. It’s very bonding.

Remember the last time you got drunk with a bunch of friends and some song came over the radio and you all spontaneously just started singing together and it was completely amazing? Yah – we’re trying to do that to you, multiple times, all night long.

PLEASE NOTE: Le Cagibi is a cafe/restaurant and not a bar, so you have to have some food when you buy a drink. But once you have food, you can buy subsequent drinks without food. We apologize for this, but there's nothing we can do. The city recently cracked down on a lot of former bars, pulled their licenses, that sort of thing. We do, however, recommend the beans and rice, which, I believe, is only $3.50, and delicious.

A NOTE ABOUT THE END TIME: Sadly, the event ends quite promptly at midnight. Sometimes it can go a little later, but that is really up to the venue. A lot of times people arrive late, the way Montrealers do, like around 11, and they get addicted to the singing, and are terribly crushed when we end an hour later. Arrive EARLY!


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